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I have been working with Sheri for over six years and our work together has completely changed my life for the better on a mental, spiritual, and physical level. Her intuitive guidance has helped me tremendously in healing past trauma, relationship blocks and physical ailments. Sheri’s ability to tune into my body on a spiritual and physical level has even aided in my recovery through physical injuries and illnesses. Our sessions together always leave me feeling clear, empowered, and excited to manifest more love, healing and opportunities into my life as well as navigate any current ups and downs. I am truly grateful to have Sheri as a coach, mentor and healer. 


“Sheri is AMAZING! I just had my second reading from her and it’s exactly what I needed to start the year off right. Everything we worked through in my last reading contributed to the best year of my life – full of creativity, travel, self-reflection, valuable relationships and clarity on how to live with passion and inspiration! She has this incredible way of empowering you to tune into your inner confidence while helping you see things in your life through a more intuitive, more grounded lens. I love how she thoroughly explains the cards and then gives you a short-term outlook and a longer-term view. I know it’s a spiritual reading but it also feels like therapy, in the BEST way possible. She’s an incredible listener and will help you to seek your truth. At the end, you come away with a sense of guidance and hopefulness, which I think we all could use a lot more of these days. “


“With one call, Sheri changed the course of my life. She helped me see things from a new perspective and guided me to a healthier and better outlook. I have seen a difference in my relationships as well as my business. This was the best investment I could have made at a time I needed it MOST. I also felt like I had known her my whole life! Cannot recommend her enough!!!”


“When I first began intuitive healings with Sheri, I was just coming up for air from a depression that lasted for months. She had helped me unmask and clear areas of my life that I needed to heal, and areas that I was unaware that I needed healing in. In this past year I have grown to become a new person. I believe there is more work to do, and that I cannot wait to uncover, but I sincerely recommend Sheri for deep transformational intuitive work. Once you begin, there’s no going back! “

MYRA, Bali

“Sheri has an incredibly warm and inviting soul. Immediately I was put at ease. As soon as the appointment began I was flooded with emotion and I could feel the energy within me in movement. I did not go into this read with any expectations but from the very beginning I was so receptive and open and a little excited to be honest. I had Googled and reviewed a handful of intuitive healers and psychics and kept coming back to Sheri’s page. I was able to record our session and even encouraged by her to do so! (I’ve listened to it twice already since last night) Each time I hear it I pick up on new points and find even more clarity and understanding! I sincerely could not thank her enough for the experience I was so grateful to have. I was incredibly impressed by the whole situation and outcome. She has gained a client for years to come. Thank you Sheri for sharing your energy and insightful abilities with me.”


“I am currently in therapy but I must say this experience was a powerhouse for my journey. Sheri was very professional, informative and helpful in many ways that I cannot explain in such a short review. Her knowledge and expertise is a plus and made me feel very comfortable about what I was investing into. She made sure I was comfortable in knowing and understanding before ending our session and with this, I was able to leave with my cup full. Sheri is one of the most accurate and straight forth Intuitive I have ever met. She delivers her messages with compassion and love and make you a part of the reading when reading with the Tarot cards. I have had the honor to get a reading from Sheri and I was overwhelmingly happy at the same time I had a lot of information I had to process. And when the things started happening as she foresaw, I always thought of her and thanked her for her insight and guidance. Thank you Sheri you are a blessing to me and the planet. We need more Intuitive healers like her.”


“Sheri is a godsend! I was so confused about choices I knew I needed to make but struggled from fear. She assured me of my choices, gave clarity to my decisions on love, and helped me understand new beginnings via choices. My soul is fulfilled. I have life flowing through me again. I know it’s OK to love again. We are all on a soul journey, and Sheri will communicate the message to you that your soul needs for guidance. Patient. Caring. Professional. Will be returning and recommending! ”


“I highly recommend her for true intuitive healing as she helps you connect with your higher self and focuses on positive and workable practices for your continuous growth”


After my appointment with Sheri, I felt a new sense of calm and peace with where I’m at in my life. I’m less judgmental of myself, and I feel less anxiety about feeling like I have to make decisions or changes right now. She changed my energy. After seeing her, I’m more hyper-aware of things that are happening in my life and more open to information I’m receiving. Sheri is incredibly intuitive — she really tuned-in to what I was feeling and helped make sense of it, and she gave me hope for the future and validation that it was all supposed to be what I was feeling. She asked great questions and pulled things out that I needed to hear out loud, and then think about. She gave me guidance on how to cope and she gave me goals – attainable enjoyable ones, for my growth and development. She tuned-in to what I needed more of in my life… creativity. She pulled out some family ‘stuff’ that I’ve never addressed and how that relates to my identity. She shined a light on cycles and feminine energy. She pointed out fear and released it. My time with Sheri was definitely an emotional release, and I’m so glad she had me voice record it so I can continue to listen and learn from it, and revisit it when I need to. I left feeling more grounded, more grateful to the universe, and like I am right where I’m supposed to be in life. – Erica, CA

Sheri has been extremely helpful, and a voice of reason and comfort in crisis. When Sheri takes you on as a client, she treats you like family. Her intuitive insight and words have been exactly what I needed to hear, and each time I speak with her, she has helped me to find direction and move forward. – Carolyn, FL.

Sheri has absolutely given me one of the best readings of my life. I have always been open to the connection from truly gifted psychics and when I sought my first reading in Atlanta it didn’t take long for Sheri’s information to appear. With clear communication skills, great professionalism and an overall great demeanor she makes you feel welcomed. Sheri’s intuition is clear and concise. She is authentic and extremely knowledgeable. I chose a tarot card reading, which is something I’ve done before. Every topic we discussed she was dead on. I was already blown away when she explained every card. Then when my long-term predictions came to fruition I knew I had chosen wisely. One of the best decisions for my New Year. – Nikki, SC

In a world where the investment to be seen as a healer is preferable to being a clear vessel for healing, Sheri truly embodies a level of clarity and stillness that allows the information to shine through unfiltered by ego. Her intentions to be of service is only out matched by the tools she possesses to facilitate the higher understanding she’s receiving. It’s accessible and grounded. She’s a gem. – Dustin, NYC

Sheri clearly knows her deck, and her knowledge & insight are delivered with warmth & relatability. She got me to look at the big picture in a way that had been right under my nose for years & gave a roadmap for me going forward. She was also spot on with reading a relationship dynamic and gave me a lot to work with. – Kyle, CA

Sheri is simply fantastic! I have been listening to my recorded tarot card session off and on across the past 9 months and I couldn’t see it all then, but everything makes so much sense now … I felt like an onion and she was peeling back the layers to my most vulnerable self – helping me get the clarity and confidence boost I needed. She has such a warm and nurturing energy and truly has a gift. I hope to keep going for many years to come. – Jackie, MI

I’ve known Sheri for a few years now and her abilities are nothing short of phenomenal. I’ve had many readings from her over this time and she has always been spot on. Sheri is very personable and kind. She is always positive and focused on your greatest and highest good. If you’ve been hesitant about seeing a psychic in the past, then Sheri would be a great choice for you. Her professional standards and ethics are very high, and she will make you feel instantly comfortable. Do yourself a favor and visit with Sheri sometime. You will definitely not regret your choice. – Brad, GA


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